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STEELMASTER 9-inch Deluxe Bookends

Reviewed by David • May 11, 2017

This product review is for Soho collection 9-inch Deluxe Bookends by STEELMASTER.

Not all bookends are created equal... and apparently the size does matter after all... at least when it comes to bookends that is

I have 5-Shelf Steel Shelving Unit in my office and it's being used as a bookshelves. This shelving unit is normally used in a garage but I was looking for a big bookshelf at a low cost and I was more interested in how many books it can hold rather than aesthetic of it. This shelving unit is actually 24-inches deep so I can have two rows of books with the books that I rarely use in the back row.

As you can see from the picture above, I have all sorts of soft and hard cover books and binders in different sizes. I did have couple of bookends lying around at home so I used them but they kept sliding and falling to the side with all the books having a domino effects so I needed to find bookends that are strong enough to hold them in place.

As usual, I started my search in Amazon and that's when I came across this bookends by STEELMASTER. Not only they look great aesthetically, they are also extremely sturdy with a non skid padded bottom, which also prevents scratching up the bookcase or table surfaces.

They are 9" tall, which is apparently tall enough to hold my binders and heavy hard cover books in place without slipping. These come in a pair so you will get 2 bookends for each order.

Here's a front and back view of the bookends:

Top and bottom views:

Side by side comparison with other bookends. I have both silver and vibrant red colors so I mixed them up here to show you both colors. I personally love the vibrant red color.

Side view comparison

Bottom view comparison


  • Sturdy and does the job well.
  • Available in vibrant colors rather than in boring black color


  • Can't think of anything

My Wishlist

  • absolutely nothing

Full Disclosure & Final Thoughts

  • Hands down the best bookends I ever owned and I have no complaints at all.

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