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Splatter Gel Ball Blaster Toy Gun

Reviewed by David • November 1, 2021

where was this gel ball blaster toy gun when I was a kid???

Oh man... I wish I had this gel ball blaster toy gun when I was a kid... This thing is simple AMAZING!!!
It's battery powered and it comes with rechargeable battery can be charged using any USB port.
It came with 10,000 water beads (bullets), which needs to be placed under the water for 1 to 3 hours in order for them to expand. You can then load them up in the provided 2 containers and place it upside down on top of the gun and you are ready to rock and roll!

I couldn't believe how fast and far this thing shoots out. It's very accurate too!
Unlike BB gun or paint ball gun, this is just a water bead that either bounces off so pops without any stain or injury so it's really safe, other than hitting your eyes and that's why it provides a safety glasses.

I would still monitor your kids playing with this so they don't go too wild but this is such a great toy and fun to play with. I did a target practice using a soda can from far away and I was able to hit it on the 3rd shot with just one hand while holding my camera with the other hand!

I only wish the "silencer" that it came with actually silences the sound but it doesn't and it's pretty loud when you shoot. I guess it's using some sort of battery powered spring mechanism to shoot out the gel ball but it's very powerful and shoots it out far and super fast. I love it. I think I have more fun playing with this than my son and I'm now thinking about getting another one for myself.

I also use this to scare off wild animals in my backyard, such as racoon, deer, and woodchuck. These won't harm them but just scare them away so they don't ruin my property, gardening or go through trash cans.

I also like that this comes with 2 hopper containers with caps so I can keep the gel balls inside them and close the cap when not using as storage but they will always be ready to go when needed. It would have been awesome if it came with 2 batteries so you will never have a down time while charging but this is not a deal breaker as the battery seems to last very long time. Easily 10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend it!

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