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Speedminton SM01-FUN-10 Fun Starter Set

Reviewed by David • December 28, 2020

perfect for children or as a starter kit

perfect for children or as a starter kit

I enjoy playing badminton with my children but it's difficult to play when it's windy or even when there's a slight breeze in the air.

I then found out about Speedminton and it looked interesting and fun so I purchased this FUN Set.

It's very light and smaller than a normal Speedminton racket so it's perfect for younger ones as the normal Speedminton racket may be too heavy for them. (see pictures for size comparisons)

I do think this is a great value pack as a starter kit who wants to try Speedminton and it's definitely perfect for children. It comes with everything you need to start playing right away.

Your family will have fun with this FUN Set (pun intended). For adults and children in high school and older, you probably want to get normal size Speedminton rackets.

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