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Solar Powered Pathway Lights 4 pack

Reviewed by David • January 7, 2022

amazing curb appeal and make my house look expensive

I got this so I can light up the pathway to our front door from the driveway and I am so happy with it.
It comes in 4 lights so I bought 2 pack for total of 8, which was just perfect amount for our front yard.
It's very easy to install as you just need to stake it to the ground and you can decide how high you want off from the ground.

It was well packaged inside the box with each light in a bubble wrap. The solar panels had protective film and it has cold white, warm white, and off switch on top. I used the rubber mallet to stake the bottom on the grass. It provides 2 additional connectors for each light so you can make it high off the ground by using both connectors or just use the stake only to get really low to the ground. I only used 1 connector for the medium height and I couldn't believe how pretty the lights looked at night. I don't know how they did it but I love the design the light create.

10 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to upgrade their curb appear of the house or simply provide lights on the pathway for safety at night. It's very attractive yet practical. The best part is that there's no maintenance needed and it runs on solar power. Can't go wrong with this!

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