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👍 David's Choice

Solar Charger 26800mAh-Power Bank

Reviewed by David • October 18, 2020

versatile solar power bank to rule them all... very impressive!

I recently bought a solar power bank that only has 1 solar panel and I took it to my 5 days beach trip but for some reason, that solar power bank indicated that solar should not be used as a primary charge source...
Well, I got this 4 panels solar power bank so I can actually use it to take advantage of free natural electricity from sun, not to mention this whopping 26,800mAh capacity power bank also has other features that will come in handy in my camping trip!


[+] Whopping 26,800mAh battery capacity! wow
[+] 4 solar panels to take full advantage of natural power from the sun to maximize the recharging speed
[+] Solar panels can be folded away when not in use for storage
[+] Large LED light that can be used as a lantern with 3 different brightness setting. Perfect for camping or as emergency light
[+] Flashlight that can also change to SOS and strobe light. Brilliant.
[+] Can charge up to 3 devices at the same time with 2 USB-A and 1 USB-C ports.
[+] Ports are covered to protect from elements including water.
[+] Just 1 simple button that controls everything, depending on how you click it. Great simple design.
[+] Built-in compass and also comes with carabiner for hanging
[+] Soft leatherette cover with snap button closure


[+] It's a bit heavy but that's because of the high battery capacity. If I want a lighter one then I would have to trade the battery capacity so I'm okay with the weight.


Easily 5 out of 5 stars 👍 It's so versatile and has everything I need to long outdoor trips to camping or beach.
Only thing that's missing is a built-in Bluetooth speaker 😂

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