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Small Christmas Tree with Lights

Reviewed by David • November 4, 2023

lovely decorative mini Christmas trees

These are so cute and lovely Christmas trees that are perfect for any table, desk or in our case, our woods stove. They came inside a pretty box that was shrink wrapped so these would make it a great Christmas gift as well. My daughter fell in love it these and wanted to keep them for her desk but my wife said these are perfect for our wood stove in the living room, and they are indeed perfect and lovely for decorating our wood stove.

While the trees themselves are fake, it appears that the bottom base is actual piece of wood. It also came with 2 10ft long fairy string lights that can be powered by 3 AAA batteries, which were not included. We decided to not use the fairy string lights because the trees themselves looked very pretty without the lights and the battery compartments were bulky and not look good with the trees unless they can be hidden from sight. We do appreciate that it included the fairy strings as my daughter would have loved to wrap around the trees if these trees were set up on her desk. It would have been amazing if the fairy string lights were preinstalled and it used a cell battery that can be installed on the bottom of the base so that it's clutter free and clean looking without showing the battery compartment. If you are not going to use the fairy string lights like us, then I would recommend getting the 5 piece mini trees since you will save some money while getting 2 additional mini trees. These are so adorable and looks amazing in any setting.

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