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SIMPFUN 5-Blade Fireplace Fans

Reviewed by David • January 5, 2022

a MUST-HAVE if you have a wood stove

We have a wood stove that can heat up our house in the winter and in the event of electric outage.
The steel wood stove gets really hot but unfortunately the radiant hot air from the wood stove naturally rises up to the ceiling before it can be spread to other side of the room but it will take very long time as the hot air will be spread up in the ceiling. Well, not anymore with this awesome wood stove fan!

I've seen this at my friend's house who also has a wood stove and I was so amazed by it.
Basically, rather than powering the fan by battery or electricity, it uses the heat transferred from the wood stove surface to convert it to energy for spinning the fan blades. As the bottom of the fan base get hot, the fan blades will start spinning, naturally blowing out the hot air from the wood stove to the front! Very simple yet effective design.

It is advised that the fan should not used in a surface hotter than 662 degree Fahrenheit and it's good thing that it also comes with a magnetic thermometer that can be attached to the chimney or on top or side of the wood stove. Please note that the fan and the thermometer will get very hot to touch once the wood stove has been on for a while so be careful when touching and they both have a handle that you can use to lift or grab if needed. This is a MUST-HAVE for any wood stove owner and it will warm up your living area much faster with this fan on top of the wood stove. Highly recommend it.

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