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SICSMIAO Digital Alarm Clock Radio

Reviewed by David • December 26, 2021

comprehensive and practical alarm clock radio

I got this alarm clock radio for our living room's side coffee table and it's much more than what I expected.
It ahs a night light feature where I can choose from 7 different color lights with adjustable brightness. We turn on this night light so that kids can see when they come down to the kitchen or living room at night.

It also has FM radio so we turn it on sometimes as background music or to listen to current hit songs.
We use the alarm clock to set the time when all our kids need to stop using their devices at night as a reminder. We asked them to do this on their devices but they keep turning it off on their devices so we finally decided to have an alarm clock that all our kids can hear in our living room. What's cool is that it has 2 alarm settings so we can set one alarm for school night weekdays and another alarm for the weekends since they do get to play with their devices longer during weekends.

The clock also has 2 USB charging ports on the back so we have 2 charging cables connected in case anyone wants to charge their phone in the living room. I also appreciate that it has battery backup option so that time and alarms are not erased when there's power outage or when we unplug it to use the AC outlet for something else. The brightness of the digital clock face can be also adjusted as well as change among 3 different colors.

There few other cool feature but it has more than what we really need for our needs and I'm thinking about getting another one as my alarm clock for the bedroom. Very practical and functional. Highly recommend it.

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