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Set Of 7 Fridge Organizer

Reviewed by David • December 2, 2022

great set of organizer bins for refrigerator

We got this set to maximize the refrigerator space utilization. These came with 7 pieces in different sizes for different purposes. We use the biggest one for storing potatoes and long/narrow ones for peppers and scallions. The 4 small containers come in handy for storing and organizing different condiments and such.

They not only save and help maximize the fridge space but it also helps with organizing different type of food. Came very well packaged and the material is very thick and heavy duty. Highly recommend it if you don't have enough shelving in your refrigerator and there are soo many open spaces like we do. We are thinking about buying another one as they are stackable, further maximizing the space. 5 out of 5 stars.

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