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Samshow Toilet Plunger Drain Buster

Reviewed by David • April 22, 2021

might be good for sink drains but does not work well for toilet

I bought this because I have one toilet that gets clogged easily and often.
I have tried many different plungers in the past and my favorite has been Johnny Jolter Plunger, which works really well but is kind of expensive so I decided to give this one a try to save some money and hoping that it will work well, if not better.

It came with 2 adapters where smaller one is for the sink or shower drain and the larger one is for the toilet.
It also came with velvet like storage bag, which I thought was gross because I'm not sure if I want to put something that was used to unclog toilet inside a fabric bag 😆

I tried this plunger the next time my toilet clogged again but unfortunately, this didn't do the job.
The rubber tendon does not cover the bottom of the toilet cleanly and the pull/push action does not create enough force to clear the clog... After trying few times and failed, I immediately switched to the Johnny Jolter Plunger and was able to clear the clog in one shot.

This may work well for the sink or show drain since it has a smaller rubber tendon that fits well on a flat surface but I don't recommend this as the toilet plunger.

2 out of 5 stars since it can be still used to unclog the sink or shower drains..

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