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Sailnovo 14inch wheels 350W Electric Bicycle with 36V 10Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

Reviewed by David • May 28, 2021

my second Sailnovo E-Bike!

This was the first electric bike I ever purchased back in February and all of our family fell in love with it.
They loved it so much that I bought another one in white color so they would stop fighting over it. 😁

Since I already have the same e-bike in black, I knew exactly what I was getting but I was reminded and once again very impressed with their bicycle from beginning to the end.

1) The packaging was impeccable. I have purchased many big and heavy items before but I never saw anyone package it this well with no room for any damage or failure.

2) Assembly is almost non-existing. You just have to slide in the seat then attach the pedals! You have to also unfold the handle bar but that's not really assembly since it's designed to easily fold and unfold for space saving during transportation in a car.

3) Just like a car, you need the key to turn on the electric mode. Without the key, my kids can only ride this like a normal bicycle by pedaling.

4) It has a headlight, which is very bright at night and the rear light turns on when you break to warn the cars behind you for safety. The shock absorber underneath the seat actually works very well as it bounces up and down when you go on a bumpy road.

5) If you turn on the key and pedal, it will go into Pedal Assist Mode where it gives a slight electric boost when you pedal so that it's easier than pedaling alone but also uses less battery. The battery seems to last forever, btw.

6) Kickstand, LCD screen, electric honk, and disc breaks for both front and rear wheels are awesome features.

7) Finally, the bicycle itself looks sick. It looks like a dirt bike and I love the mud guards on both wheels.

The only thing that could have made this amazing bike even more awesome is if they had an option to change the LCD screen from metric to American measurement in miles but I guess US is the only place in the world that is using MPH? 😆

We all love this electric bike and I have no regret getting the 2nd one. In fact, I was reminded how good of this bicycle is from end to end experience. I just now have to figure out how to get rid of our old traditional non-electric bikes since none of my family members are riding them ever since we got the electric bikes. Highly recommend this e-bike without any reservation!

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