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SADES Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Reviewed by David • November 22, 2020

amazingly comfortable gaming headset your kids will love...

I have similar headset that I use for work and Skype so I thought it would be a good headset but my son was disappointed and hated it because it didn't cover his ears, not to mention it didn't have any cushions on the ear pad and head band. After my son complaining for days, I ended up getting this SADES Gaming Headset and he loves it. See the comparison yourself in the pictures.


[+] The ear pads have thick, comfortable cushion and fully covers your both ears so you can immerse into the game.
[+] The head band also have cushions so it's comfortable around your head too.
[+] The braided cable is awesome since it does not tangles up and is stronger.
[+] Volume control dial and on/off switch for the mic


[-] My son can't hear me calling him when he's using this headset


5 out of 5 stars. Don't be cheap like I did initially and get a real gaming headset like I ended up doing. I highly recommend this headset for children and teenagers.

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