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Runbox Leather Bifold Wallets

Reviewed by David • December 17, 2021

high quality leather wallet that is practical and functional

I got this wallet to replace my old wallet that was falling apart.
It's a very simple bifold wallet with high quality leather material but I really like the design and its feature. They really researched and thought about how to make practical wallet for everyday use.

It obviously has a see-through ID holder when you open it and it has 4 credit card slots where part of the credit cards will stick out for you to know which card they are and it has 3 side slots where you can "hide" credit cards or folded bills. My favorite feature is that it has a quick and easy access credit card slot outside the wallet where you can slide out the credit card with your thumb without ever opening the wallet.

The bills fit nicely on the main bill compartment and I was pleasantly surprised to find a secret compartment inside the bill compartment where I can store my emergency money folded or important paper note folded. Overall, a great looking wallet that's very practical and functional. Oh and it came in a nice box that can be easily wrapped as a gift to someone. Highly recommend it.

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