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👍 David's Choice

RUNACC Camping Bug Zapper LED Flashlight

Reviewed by David • September 28, 2020

a MUST-HAVE for camping or even at home!

I've been seeing more and more of these multi-functional gadgets that have flashlight, lantern, and a bug zapper features, and I just can't pass on them because they come in so handy and is brilliantly designed.
This is perfect and a must-have for camping but we doesn't need a flashlight or lantern at home once in a while, especially when there's a power outage...


[+] bright flashlight
[+] SOS light option. hey, you never know!
[+] lantern light with 2 different brightness setting
[+] bug zapper feature
[+] brilliant hook design that can be used to hook on something or even hang. How come nobody else thought about this clever design before? love it!
[+] Rechargeable battery seems to last long time
[+] Supposedly it's water proof and the charging port is covered with rubber cap


[-] What's there to not like? This is amazing gadget.


10 out of 5 stars! Highly recommend this combo gadget if you need a LED flashlight and/or lantern.
A mosquito came into my house the other day and I couldn't find it but when I left this on at night while going to sleep, it actually caught it over night! I can't wait until I take this to my next camping trip but this will come in handy at home as well.

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