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ROCKPALS Portable Power Station 500W

Reviewed by David • July 17, 2021

impressive and reliable brand

I had 500W PAXCESS portable power station before and I was very pleased with it. When I went camping with my brother's family few weeks ago, I brought my PAXCESS power station and it was very handy for charging phones and tablets for 2 families, as well as other camping gears such as flashlights, lantern, bug zapper, etc. My brother kept eyeing on my power station so I gave it away to him at the end of the camping trip to be a nice older brother.

I started searching for a new portable power station and did some research. It turns out ROCKPALS is a sister company for PAXCESS and they are more well known and reputable than PAXCESS. Since I had nothing but pleasant experience with PAXCESS portable power station, I decided to give ROCKPALS a try because I loved the look and design of their power stations. Since I had the 500W PAXCESS power station, I decided to get this 500W ROCKPALS power station without downgrading from my previous model.

One really neat feature on this power station that was not found in my previous one is that you can charge this power station using AC outlet and USB C port, pumping in up to 110W to speed up the charging time. Same thing can be done when charging from solar panel + USB-C port.

The power station looks sick and beautiful. While the carrying handle is not collapsible, it's very durable and comfortable to hold. It has:
✔️ 2 AC outlets with pure sine wave that can peak at 750w
✔️ 3 USB ports with 1 of them being fast QC 3.0 port with 18W max support
✔️ 1 USC-C port with 45w max support
✔️ 1 12V/10A cigarette lighter socket
✔️ 2 5mm 12V/5A DC ports with 60w max

It has clear LCD screen that shows the remaining battery bars as well as percentage and the current input and output wattage. I was also impressed that it also included charging cable and adapter for cigarette lighter socket so you can charge this power station while on the go inside the car.

The price difference between this one and PAXCESS was around $30 but I do think it's well worth the difference considering the additional features and charging cable/option is provides. I was able to charge so many devices at the same time at home without a hiccup so I'm definitely ready for any emergency power outage or our next family camping trip.

10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this amazing portable power station. Thoroughly impressed with it.

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