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Rinkmo 26inch 21speed Electric Mountain Bike with Pedal Assist Mode

Reviewed by David • April 13, 2021

26inch wheel mountain electric bike with 21 speed and amazing pedal assist mode = love it 😍

This is our 2nd electric bicycle. Our first one was a 14inch wheel commuter electric bike.
I initially bought the smaller commuter electric bike because the handle can be folded down for easier transportation by car or even to take it on the train when commuting to work in the city.
I really liked my first electric bike but my kids were making fun of me that it looks funny when a 5'11" tall man is riding a 14" wheel bike 😆

My kids also loved our first electric bike but they were keep insisting that we get a full size electric bicycle so I finally pulled the trigger and got this 26inch wheel Rinkmo electric mountain bike and both my children and I could not be more happier! 🤩

It's not really fair to compare this electric bicycle with my first 14" commuter electric bike but there are definitely some PROs and CONs between these 2 electric bikes that I want to point out but just use it as a reference since they are two very different types of bikes with different purpose.


✔️ Love the 26 inch mountain wheels with aluminum alloy frame - perfect for teenagers and adults up to 265 lbs, according to Rinkmo
✔️ Shimano 21 Speed Gears - great when riding it as a regular bicycle
✔️ 250W brushless motor that can top at 20 MPH speed
✔️ 10Ah lithium battery - enough juice to last 22 to 38 miles depending on Pedal Assist Mode used
✔️ Removable battery with a lock and waterproof cap - it's so much more convenient to just the take the battery out to charge it inside the house or in the office without bringing in the bicycle
✔️ 5 different Pedal Assist Mode - this is like a hybrid mode where you must pedal to get the electric assist
✔️ Full electric mode - you can just use the handlebar throttle to cruise without pedaling
✔️ Dual Front and rear disc breaks - much better than traditional tire breaks and better control with stops
✔️ Electric powered headlight that can be turned on or off manually, along with electric honk
✔️ Front shock suspension fork - after all, this is a mountain bike so suspension help with smooth and less bumpy rides on rough terrains
✔️ Battery level is displayed in 20% increment on the handle bar and 25% increment on the battery unit
✔️ Kickstand and reflectors on the back of the seat, both wheels and on the pedals
✔️ Came in a well packaged and protected box with instruction manual and tool kit


⛔ I wish it had LCD to display the speed and total mileage, etc.
⛔ While it's great to have electric front headlight, it would have been awesome to also have electric backlight that blinks or lids when you break
⛔ As a mountain bike, it would be better to include mud guards on both tires
⛔ Some assembly is needed but it comes with all the took kit and instruction manual with pictures. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble front wheel, handle bar, and the seat.


Easily 5 out of 5 stars! You will most likely become lazy and probably would never use this as a regular bicycle but good thing is that you don't have to use it as 100% electric bike since it has Pedal Assist Mode!
So you can still pedal to get some exercise while getting some assist from electric motor, which is great feature and the battery will last much longer than using it as full 100% electric bike.

Can't say enough about how amazing this electric bicycle is and my teenager sons are always fighting over this and with me... I might have to get another electric bike so we can all share and be happy 😁

I highly recommend this Rinkmo 26" mountain electric bike without any reservation. You will love it like we did!

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