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REYLEO Camping 8 Person Instant Tent

Reviewed by David • May 28, 2021

great summer tent for large family!

Our family went camping with my friend's family last year for the first time and our kids loved it! I guess kids love sleeping outside in a tent, especially in the middle of a mountain.
I purchased a traditional tent with flexible poles that you have to stick into the fabric because that's what I grew up with when I went camping when I was a kid. My friend's family had this type of instant tent.
Well, it literally took less than 5 minutes for my friend to set up his tent all by himself while it took about 30 minutes for me and my 2 sons struggling with poles. The take down was even worse...

After coming back from the camping trip, I told my kids that I'm going to buy an instant tent like my friend so we don't have to waste any time and deal with stress of setting up and taking down. My friend had 6 person instant tent so I decided to get this 8 person tent because we are a family of 5 and I wanted to have very roomy and comfortable camping experience.

Few weeks ago, I wanted to try this tent so our kids all jumped and screamed when I asked them if they wanted to sleep in our new tent in the backyard. It was a sneaky preview of the camping trip this summer. I was very happy and impressed with this tent because I was able to quickly and easily set it up all by myself even though this tent was huge. I don't think I can ever go back to traditional pole tents again...

This tent is very spacious and was perfect for our family of 5. I think it can fit 3 queen size air mattress! It has a room divider so that was good for added privacy as well. It has windows in all 4 sides and it even has 2 ground ventilation to better air circulation at night without being too stuffy from condensation.

I'm 5'11" tall and I can stand up straight in any area inside the tent and I love the mesh storage and hanging net in the ceiling, which is very handy for putting stuff away and for hanging a lamp.

The ceiling also has nice mesh screen for better air flows during the day and to let the sun lights in but you can cover it with rainfly at night. Everything fits nicely in the storage bag and there's instruction with diagram attached inside the storage bag. Oh, it even includes a mud mat for your shoes. They really thought of everything! My only warning is that this is definitely a summer tent so it might be cold in the Spring or Fall when the temperature drops at night.

You really can't go wrong with this instant tent and our family is very please with this purchase.
I highly recommend this to any large family who doesn't want to waste any time setting up and taking down the tent because you want to enjoy the nature when you go camping and spend less time with setup!
Easily 5 out of 5 stars! Well done!

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