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💩 Hell of Shame

Reusable Vertuo Pods DIY Starter Kit

Reviewed by David • June 28, 2022

very disappointed.. HUGE disappointment... you should read to find out why

Last year, my 3 children chipped in money to buy me Nespresso Vertuo Next Expresso machine by Breville and I love this machine so much. Only thing that I don't like about it is that I have no choice but to buy the coffee pods from Nespresso and they are not cheap when compared to brewing coffee even when grinding the coffee beans. That's why I was so excited and happy to see this reusable Vertuo Pods. I've seen other similar products but they all require you to no only save the pod shells so you can use it to fill it with coffee then seal it with sticker but you have to wash the inside the pod shells then dry it in order to use it again. Washing the pod shells and keeping them around is pretty pain in the neck and that's why this BLACKSMITH FAMILY's reusable pods are brilliant since it also comes with inner pod containers so you just have to wash the pod shell once and simply insert this inner pods inside the pod shell over and over.

Making the pod capsule using the provide kit was pretty quick and simple. They also sell the aluminum foil lids separately, which means you can just buy the aluminum foil lids separately and reuse everything else over and over! So much better design and concept than all other reusable Vertuo pod kit I've seen out there but it ends there as just a concept and design but not so great execution...

I made my first reusable Vertuo pod capsule pretty easily then tested out on my Vertuo Next Expresso machine and the coffee came out pretty good and I was very happy. I then repeated the steps and made bunch of pod capsules to be stored away so I can use one at a time whenever I needed to drink coffee. This is where everything went wrong. The next day, when I try to use it, it wasn't dripping down with coffee even though it made the same making sound and the water level was going down. I replaced with a new pod capsule to try it again but then it was the same result. It turns out that the coffee was backflowing inside the machine and dripping to the bucket container for the empty pod capsules instead of dripping down the spout into my mug. It ended up filling the bucket container and overflowing from inside... It was a mess. I don't know what happened because my first pod worked fine and I basically repeated the same steps to make the same pod capsules but none of them worked after my first pod. It was very frustrating to clean up the mess and the fact that it didn't work so I ended up returning it. I might have to do with the fact that there's inner pod capsule inside the pod shell and that it's not lining up correctly flat so I might try other reusable pod kits where coffee is stored directly inside the empty pod capsule rather than intermediate inner capsule. I really wanted to like this product and to work but it didn't. Just wanted to share my experience. Hope this helps someone looking to try this.
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