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Rechargeable motion sensor hexagon night light

Reviewed by David • February 23, 2021

versatile portable night light with motion sensor

This is such an awesome night light solution, especially for family with children.
It works on built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged using any USB port, making it totally portable.
Furthermore, it comes with so many options for placing this around your house from hanging to sticking on wall or metal, or simply have it stand on the ground! I really love the motion sensor feature so that it's not always on at night but as needed basis when a motion is detected, which also conserves the battery for very long time!


[+] Comes with 4 night lights: 2 cool white lights and 2 warm yellow lights
[+] Option to turn it on, off, or auto mode, which works based on motion sensor only at night then turns off after 20 seconds from last motion detection.
[+] Motion sensor works really well even in pitch dark and from far away
[+] LED night light is bright enough to show you around in the dark but not bright enough to blind you or hurt your eyes in the middle of the night
[+] It has magnet on the back so you can place this on any surface, like on the refrigerator
[+] It comes with lanyards for hanging and has a loop for it
[+] Also includes 3M sticker pad that has metal surface on one side so you can stick this to any wall but easily remove it for recharging
[+] The hexagon shape actually makes it easy to stand on the ground. Clever design!
[+] With auto mode, the LED night light turns on only at night when motion is detected so I didn't had to recharge it for over 2 weeks now. Supposedly, single charge lasts for months!
[+] Great price for 4 night lights with these great features.


[-] Absolutely nothing


Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend these. We have it in our master bathroom floor so that we don't have to turn on the bathroom lights in the middle of the night, which can hurt your eyes in middle of sleep. This is also perfect when my kids' friends have sleep overs so that they don't get hurt or trip at night when going to the bathroom. I love that it has rechargeable battery and it lasts very long time without having to constantly charge it. Whoever designed this cool night light, did their homework and thought about everything.

I've been using this in my master bathroom since December 10th, 2020 and it still turns on at night from the initial charge! I have yet to recharge this light yet. Pretty impressive!
I will update this review when this finally needs recharging so you will know how long each charge lasts!

Yesterday, 4/15/2021, the night light finally stopped working. I can't believe this night light worked for over 4 months on a single charge!

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