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Rechargeable Led Head Lamp Flashlight with Motion Sensor

Reviewed by David • January 6, 2022

handy head lamp in so many ways

This is such a handy dandy flashlight you can wear around your head to free your hands. I actually have a similar headlamp that looks more like the ones the miner wear underground but they are heavier and it has additional strap that goes on top of your head, which messes up my hair unless I'm wearing a hat. However, that headlamp sits on top of my forehead so it's not very adjustable if I'm wearing a baseball cap due to the brim. This headlamp band fixes all these problem because 1) it's lightweight, 2) there's no strap that goes over your head, and 3) the LED flashlight is on the side so it doesn't interferes with the brim of baseball cap.

This headlamp has elastic head band that you can easily adjust for perfect fitting due to being elastic. It also has a rechargeable battery that can be charged with provided USB-C cable using any USB port. The charging port is covered with rubber cap to prevent water and debris from entering.

It has multiple modes for LED light and the most important one is the white flashlight from the side, which comes in handy as it provided light hands free. It would come handy while running at night or even at camp site or fishing at night. It also has red light as well as white light to let others be aware of your presence in the dark. There's a red light on the back of the battery pack as well so it also alerts people behind you, not just in front of you.

What I really like about this headlamp is the motion sensor feature where I can easily and quickly wave my hand on the side of the lamp to turn it on or off. This is so much better and easier than having to fumble and press a tiny button on top of the headlamp and it works very well.

I have noticed that someone mentioned that this headlamp has "super powerful magnetic buckle" and that it "even works as a power bank". Please note that these are not true. This headlamp does NOT work as power bank and it has elastic headband that you can adjust. Very handy dandy headlamp indeed. Oh, it's a must have if you like to ride bicycle at night as well!

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