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Rcharlance Phone Tablet Stand Multi-Angle Holder

Reviewed by David • October 3, 2020

perfect for remote learning and collaboration!

Due to pandemic, our children are doing remote learning for school so they are learning to how to learn and collaborate remotely online. Teachers encourage students to show their faces while in session so that they are more engaged. My daughter also works on school work with her friends remotely and also have play dates using Facetime so they can see each other while working on their computers.
I noticed that my daughter had her iPad on the table using the stand behind her iPad case but that doesn't give very good angle for the other person... they basically get big shot of her chin and nostrils 😁

So I got this tablet stand to help with her remote learning and play dates. This thing is rock solid in terms of material and build quality. It's very modern looking and slim in profile. I had no problem securely holding my iPhone 8, iPad Mini and even my daughter's 10.2" iPad.

Both sides of the grip can expand and extract to hold different sizes of phone and tablets, and it's strong enough to rotate to hold in vertical position without losing the grip. It has two joints that can be moved to adjust the angles and they stay put after adjusting it.

I also used this for my iPhone 8 for Facetime call with my parents and it's awesome that my hands are free during the call because of this stand.

5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this awesome phone/tablet holder for any students who doing remote learning or Facetime while using a computer. Great quality.

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