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Projector Laptop Stand

Reviewed by David • November 6, 2022

perfect for my ultra short throw projector

I recently got an ultra short throw projector so I needed a stand that can place my projector in front of the screen at the right height so I got this projector stand, which was perfect for my need.
The tripod legs were very secure and stable without any wobbles and the tray where I placed my projector was also stable and able to accommodate my ultra short throw projector, which is a little bigger and heavier than normal projectors. It came with a storage bag but unfortunately, the tray didn't fit in the bag but this is not a deal breaker as I can store away the projector stand collapsed.

The height of the projector stand can be adjusted as well, which makes it more versatile when using it to place a laptop or music sheets. I can use this outdoor when watching movies in the backyard or indoor. The tray can be tilted in any angle so it can hold tablet or even music sheet or papers. Highly recommend this versatile and stable projector stand.

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