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Prime-Line N 7192 Bi-Fold Door Repair Bracket for 1-3/8 inch Door

Reviewed by David • November 7, 2022

a life saver! well, technically a bi-fold door saver! thank you!!

We have many bi-fold door closets and one of the bi-fold doors came off the rail. Up on further examining, it was because the popup pivot thingy wouldn't stay on the corner of the door because the opening was damaged and it was basically hallow inside.

I was about to throw out the door and thinking about purchasing a new bi-fold door but figured that this can happen again even with new bi-fold doors so after doing some research, I found this amazing bi-fold door repair bracket that did the trick and saved my bi-fold doors! I guess this is very common thing that happens to bi-fold doors but I still can't believe something that is so small and inexpensive can save the bi-fold door by fixing the crucial culprit. Thank you so much for making this and saving my bi-fold door. Worth every penny! Halleluiah! Easily 10 out of 5 stars!
It's amazing how such a small thing that costs very little can do this wonder!

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