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Precision Screwdriver Set Repair Tool - 116 in 1

Reviewed by David • November 23, 2022

most comprehensive and impressive precision repair tool set

This is a great precision repair tool set that is the most comprehensive kit I've ever seen.
It has so many different kit from opening the sim card to pry opening the phone or tablet.
I also like that it doesn't come with many screwdriver but rather it comes with just 1 screwdriver that can be adjusted in length and interchangeable bits... 98 bits!

This is perfect for me and those who has to adjust the frames for the glasses, open up the desktop computer case, change the watch battery as well as fix up RC toy cars. I also used this to change the button battery for my smart key fob for Mazda and Honda cars. This is one precision repair tool kit to rule them all. Truly impressive set at such as great price.

Oh and the interchangeable bits are very quick and easy due to the magnetized chuck that holds the bits securely and it also comes with de/magnetizer so you can make any bits magnetic, which is helpful when working with tiny screws so you don't drop it. Highly recommend this tool kit for those who need a precision tool. Look no further! 5 out of 5 stars!

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