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POWER GUIDANCE 3 in 1 Wood & Soft Plyometric Jump Box

Reviewed by David • August 9, 2021

great addition to my strength straining for legs and verticals

I'm an avid volleyball player so I'm always looking strengthen my legs to increase my verticals so I can play better. Plyometric jump box enables you to do various exercises that will strengthen your legs and lower body parts.

You can search and look up many exercises you can do with this but my favorites are Step ups with weights and Drop Jumps. These strengths specific areas in your legs and thighs to help you jump higher.

This jump box is very well made with engineered woods and it's very easy to assemble. I really do appreciate the number of hex screws that it uses to securely and safely attach each side to other side. It's very sturdy and stable.

This can easily change to different heights by simply turning to other side and it has 12", 14" and 16" options. It looks great and I also like the 2 side handles for moving/carrying. Highly recommend it!

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