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Portable Aluminum Folding Table with Storage

Reviewed by David • June 18, 2021

packable table with storage basket!

I actually have bigger version of this table, which I love because they take very little space when packed and it literally takes a minute to set it up or to take it down.

I've been wanting to get a smaller version of the table for our kids so I bought this medium size table because this one has a storage basket under the table, which is very nice design.

The storage bag has a divider to separate the legs from the folded table top and everything fits and stores inside the bag nicely and easily. I initially thought that table top was defective because it had strange texture and lines but it was the protective film on each panel, which you can peel off easily and it will reveal very nice and clean table top.

I now use this whenever our kids are sitting in our deck or patio so they can have snack or do arts & craft on this table. I think I can set this table with my eyes closed now. It's that easy and simple! This table will really come in handy when we go on camping trip this summer since it's very portable.

5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this cleverly design folding table!

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