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POLONO Packing Tape Dispenser Gun

Reviewed by David • June 1, 2023

a great packing tape dispenser

I have a packing tape dispenser gun that is few years old and I mostly use them to flatten and package tons of cardboard boxes for recycle once a week but I also need to package boxes to store away seasonal stuff in the attic. My brother recently got into eBay selling and needs to package many boxes for shipping so he asked me if he can have my packaging tape dispenser so I decided to get a new one and give him my old one. I love this POLONO package tape dispenser because it's more sturdy and has bigger and more comfortable handle compared to my old one. It also has a adjustable tension for the tape, which is very common in most packing tape dispenser but it has 2 features that is not commonly found in others.

1) I like that it has a tape stopper that can be pushed out when inserting a new tape. It's spring loaded so I an push it out to insert new tape then let it go to hold it in place so the tape does not go back to the roll, making it difficult to find and remove, which is very time consuming.

2) Not only it has very sharp teeth for easy cutting but it has a red plastic cover for the teeth for added safety, which is very nice so you don't accidentally cut yourself with it.

Overall excellent packing tape dispenser and I also appreciate that it comes with one roll of packing tape. Highly recommend it. 5 out of 5 stars!

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