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POLONO Packing Tape, 2.7 mil

Reviewed by David • May 25, 2022

thick and strong adhesiveness

I have very cheap packing tapes that I use to tape flatten cardboard boxes every week for recycle pick up. I use the cheapest packing tapes I can find to tape up the papers and cardboard boxes for our weekly recycle program but I needed more durable and stronger adhesive packing tape whenever I need to package something for shipment or returns so I got this packing tape that is 2.7 mil thickness. It has 3" opening in the middle so it fits the standard packing dispenser and I was impressed with the thickness, durability and adhesiveness.

They really stick and holds down the cardboard boxes tight and well. I also appreciate that it has the red arrow sign for each tape to indicate where the starting position is, which will be near impossible to find without such indicator. Just look about a half inch in front of where the red arrow is pointing and you should be able to find it quick and easy. Very good price for the 6 rolls and definitely for its quality. 5 out of 5 stars.

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