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Aircover 300PCS Compressed Towels

Reviewed by David • October 15, 2020

😍 perfect 10. Highly recommend this to family with children...

This thing is so amazing that I don't even know where to begin to tell you...
We have 3 children and we always carry baby wipes wherever we go because we always end up needing them, especially when we are in public places or away from home. Many times we forget to pack baby wipes or they are just too bulky to carry around but this compressed towels/wipes solves that problem!


[+] Compressed down to a size smaller than a quarter! Yes, smaller than a quarter.
[+] Individually packaged and wrapped! You don't have to worry about getting dried out or accidentally spilling water on it, which will unpack the towel when not in use.
[+] When unpacked into a wet towel, it's 9x11 inches in size. It's big enough to use as a wet towel and more.
[+] It's very soft yet durable and strong so it's not easily ripped. Stronger than wet paper towel!
[+] Total of 300 compressed towels. Enough to last for very long time but I love it so much that I want it more! 😁
[+] Also comes with a small spray bottle so you can carry it with you in a purse or leave it inside a car.
[+] Did I mention that all 300 compressed towels are individually wrapped??? 😁 Keep them inside your glove compartment, purse, jean pocket, school bags, every where because it will come handy when you need it.


[-] Absolutely nothing... perhaps 2 more spray bottles would have been nice? 1 for each bag of 100? 😉


10 out of 5 stars! I now have them all spread around in all of my cars, my wife's purse and kids' school bags. Even when I go out with my friends, I can just take few from the glove compartment and have few in my pants pocket in case I need it at a public places. I would just need to find small amount of water if I'm outside.
I highly recommend this. Very exciting product that I've seen in long time.

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