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Pencil Case Big Capacity Pencil Pouch Durable Double Zipper

Reviewed by David • October 26, 2021

perfect for storing things other than pencils!

I have a special pencil case already that's not used for storing pencils. Instead, I use it to store all the charging cables and chargers for all our family smartphone and devices whenever we go on a family vacation because we used to forget packing chargers and cables some times. We are a family of 5 and most of us have iPhone and iPad so that's about 10 devices that need to be charged every night at the hotel whenever we go on family vacation. We also bring portable radio and kindles so the cables and charging accessories really add up quickly.

So after forgetting to pack the charger and cables few times during our family trip, I purchased extra chargers and cables just to keep them stored in our luggage so I would never forget to pack them. I keep all of them inside a pencil case but now my old pencil case got too small for all our chargers and cables and it's very difficult to fit and close them, so it was time to upgrade to a bigger pencil case.

This pencil case is not necessarily bigger than my old one but it has 2 zipper compartments that is accessible from the top so I can pack things more easily compared to my old pencil case that just had 1 zipper compartment. This pencil case also has a storage slots inside one zipper compartment as well as small velcro pocket in the front. The material is high quality and very well constructed. I really love this pencil case as it's perfect for our family need for storing and carrying all our charging accessories.

Easily 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend this pencil case and yes, I assume this would also serve perfectly for storing and carrying pencils and pens as well 😁

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