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PANZHENG Upgraded 4 Inch Cordless Electric Mini Chainsaw

Reviewed by David • June 14, 2021

better than other 4 inch cordless electric chainsaw! read to find out why...

I have few cordless electric chainsaws because I have many trees and branches to cut in my backyard. This is definitely upgraded version of mini chainsaw and they really studied and figured out the optimal design for it. Here are the 3 main reasons why this is better than other 4 inch cordless electric chainsaws:

1) The motor is on the back of the chainsaw - This is a game changer because many other mini chainsaws have the motor on the side, which gets in your way when you have to cut a tree near the ground or a branch close to the tree body. Having the motor on the back of it does not get in your way. Simple yet brilliant design.

2) The quick charger - This has the charger where you slide in the battery rather than plugging in the prong on the battery. This is better, safer, and quicker way to charge the battery. It also has clear green and red charging indicator on the charging base!

3) Lubricating oil chamber - Unlike other mini chainsaw, this one has a visible chamber for the lubricating oil. You can just add any vegetable oil and it will self prime as needed. No need to second guess whether you need to add lubricating oil or not, like other mini chainsaws.


✔️ Lightweight and can be used with just one hand
✔️ Battery lasts for very long time (all day) and chainsaw cuts trees and branches like butter
✔️ Safety switch - this is definitely needed because this things cuts so well
✔️ 2 batteries and 2 chains/guide bars are included, as well as all the tool kit for making adjustments
✔️ Clear and easy to read user manual with pictures
✔️ Extremely well packaged
✔️ Price is amazing compared to other mini chainsaws!


It doesn't come with a storage case but the original packaging box can be used as a storage case since it has perfectly cut-out shapes in fitted foam. However, you will have to remove the chains in order to use the packaging box as the storage case but this is not a deal breaker because it literally just takes a minute to remove the chains and you probably want to clean and remove the debris anyways before storing it away.


10 out of 5 stars! This is by far the best 4 inch cordless electric chainsaw I have used and seen. I highly recommend this without any reservation. Just watch the video yourself to see how well this chainsaw performs! I'm thoroughly impressed with it.
So far, I have 2 4" mini chainsaw and 2 6" mini chainsaw and out of all, this is my favorite mini chainsaw. Well done! I hope they will make 6 inch or even 8 inch version of chainsaw with this same design!

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