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PANMO Solar Deck Lights Outdoor

Reviewed by David • December 27, 2021

perfect for steps and stairs at night

I have 3 steps in front of my house to the front door. Whenever I have guests over and stay late at night, it sometimes becomes dangerous if they forget about the steps because it's too dark outside. I do have front door porch light with motion sensor but it sometimes doesn't detect the motion or there's delay so I'm always worried about the risk of someone falling and tripping on these steps at night. Well, these solar step lights solved that problem for me!

It came in 8 units and it can be placed just on the steps without any mounting. It simply rests on the steps. You might have to readjust after heavy rain or wind but that's not a big deal for me.
It has option to select changing RGB color or warm white color so we just keep it at warm white because it's much more prettier and more inviting for our front door.

We get plenty of sun lights in front of our house so it will always get enough free recharge from the sun during the day. Since I only have 3 steps, I put 2 on each steps to make it more wider and I can use the remaining 2 as spares if any of them gets damaged or doesn't charge anymore.

It also comes with brackets that you can slide in then use the provided screws to mount it on deck or walls, which is pretty neat. It's really pretty and makes the front entrance more inviting at night but more than anything, it provides extra safety around the steps so people don't trip or fall over. 5 out of 5 stars!

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