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Paddsun UV Light Repair Fix Pen Tool (4 Packs)

Reviewed by David • September 10, 2020

it works BUT has TOXIC FUME odor...

I was skeptical about this product but I purchased it anyways because price was cheap considering you get 4 pens.
Having said that, 2 out of 4 pens had leaked inside the individual packaging when it was delivered. I'm just glad that the pens were individually wrapped or otherwise, the leaks would have made a big mess for all 4 pens!

I had couple of charging cables that were damaged and a plastic unicorn horn that broke off from a tape dispenser that I wanted to fix using this kit (see pictures).

I was pleasantly surprised that it actually worked pretty well. It sealed the damaged charging cables nicely so that it won't get damaged any further and it was able to "glue" the plastic horn in place where I was able to lift the tape dispenser by the horn!

Having said that, it does have a VERY STRONG TOXIC FUME ODOR!!!!

I used this kit upstairs in my office and when my wife came home, she started complaining about the horrible smell from downstairs and she said the entire house was filled with the odor and it was making her nauseous.

It really does smell toxic and is very very strong. We had to open all the windows but that didn't really help as the odor was keep coming from the cables and tape dispenser... We eventually had to take them out to our garage for few days.


This stuff does work but if you are going to use it, I would recommend that you use it outdoor or in your garage then don't bring in the fixed product for a day or two until the odor is manageable. You've been warned!

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