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OXO Good Grips Flexible Scoop

Reviewed by David • October 2, 2022

pricey but probably the best on the market

We recently purchased a new refrigerator and it came with automatic ice maker so we were looking for a scooper that we can use to scoop out the ice and even leave the scooper inside the ice bucket for convenience. There are many sub $5 ice scooper and we also considered stainless steel but figured that the stainless steel would get too cold to touch so decided to get plastic one. Since the scooper will be left inside the ice bucket and will be touching the ice that we would ultimate consume, we wanted to make sure we get the BPA free, safe and truth worthy product so we ended up getting this OXO brand even though it was more expensive than other ones.

I think it was worth the price as it's just one time cost and it should last life time. I do like that you can squeeze it when pouring the ice to a cup or jar with smaller opening so you can better handle the flow of the ice. We had this for over a month and no complaints what so ever other than that it's a bit pricey but better to be safe with trusted brand for food handling than to be sorry with unknown brand with unknown material.

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