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Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Reviewed by David • August 21, 2022

amazing and impressive shoe organizers for walls without drilling

We have a shoe rack inside the closet by front entrance but they keep falling off the rack and it's pain in the neck to grab or put shoes in there. We finally decided to get rid of the rack and replace it with this wall mounted shoe organizers and we are thoroughly impressed with its looks and functionality.

This wall mounted shoe organizers don't any tool or drilling as it has super adhesive pads but it's not a cheesy double sided tapes, which will most likely peel off when heavy shoes are put on but rather, it's super adhesive pads just the wall side and the pads themselves are secured to the organizer frame using a bolts and decorative nuts. It also uses 4 adhesive pads for each unit, making it extra strong and sturdy.

Each unit can hold 2 slippers and 2 shoe. We love how much space we saved and it's so much less clutter inside the closet, not to mention that shoes are in place without falling off the rack. They are so easy to access and to put the shoes so we really love this product and highly recommend them. Easily 5 out of 5 stars!

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