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Otentik Beach SunShade

Reviewed by David • December 16, 2018
Please note that this post was updated on June 15, 2020.

This product review is for Beach SunShade by Otentik, specifically for size Large (8.5 x 9 ft and 7 ft tall).

We purchased this tent in 2017 for our Cape Cod, MA vacation and I could not believe how simple it was to set up and how gorgeous it looked at the beach, not to mention how much shade it provided!

Here is the view from the front

You can also compare this tent with our neighboring tents. Check out the difference in the size of the shades, not to mention you can actually stand under this tent!

Here are few pictures of our tent used in 2018 during our Wildwood, NJ vacation.

We love the fact that you can easily spot our tent from very far away even when the beach is packed with other tents and umbrella. When our kids are playing by the water or after going to the restroom, they have no problem finding back to our tent because of the unique design and its two-tone color. The only reason I got this Orange-Grey two-tone color is because this was the cheapest Large size tent but it turned out great in looks and it contributed even more for easily spotting our tent in crowded beach.

Finally, the direction of the wind changed towards the end of the day but it was not a problem as we can simply move one of the poles to the back. It literally takes just few seconds to make changes and adjustments.

If you need a beach umbrella or beach tent, stop shopping and just purchase this one. You will not regret it.
Finally, make sure to take a look at the video below on how to setup and pack up at least once before you head out to the beach with Otentik beach shade.

** UPDATES 6/15/2020 **

We went back to Wildwood last year in 2019 and used the Otentik shade every day at the beach. The wind was blowing side ways and I had to place the both poles on one side but it still worked out beautifully!

Look at the photo below to see how small this shade is when packed for carrying or storage. I placed it next to another packed beach tent and 2 different size boogie boards for scale.
It's super lightweight as well because the only thing that has any weight to it is the 2 poles, which folds to compact size yet very strong and durable.

David's Conclusion


  • Easy and quick to setup and take down by yourself
  • Lightweight, small when packed, and easy to carry around
  • Beautiful looking shade that provides plenty of space for shade, even when it's windy
  • Super easy to spot in a crowed beach - which is helpful for my children
  • Quality of the material is second to none


  • None. You can complain about the price but that would be like complaining about BMW price
  • Too many people stop by to ask me about the tent. Sometimes, I feel like a spokesperson for Otentik

My Wishlist

  • Option to purchase additional poles - for days when there's zero wind
  • If you are Otentik representative, please consider sending me 2 additional large poles for a review please!

Alternative Products

Full Disclosure & Final Thoughts

  • I can honestly say this shade was worth every single penny

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