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ORTHOMTEX Sleeping Bag for Adults

Reviewed by David • September 28, 2022

lovely sleeping bag for my teenage daughter

My daughter brings her sleeping bag to her friend's sleep over parties but it has a fleece liners, which is great for cold night when camping but it gets way too hot when using it inside the house for a sleep over. She asked me to get a new sleeping bag that has a polyester liner so I got this sleeping bag for her and she loves it.

The army green camouflage color and design outside is very pretty and not boring like a solid color. It has a head rest area with drawstring to wrap around the head if it gets really cold and double slider zipper makes it easy to zip up even from inside the sleeping bag and the velcro strap will help it keep closed. Outside is a waterproof material and while the inside liner is very cool to touch, it keeps her warm all night. She also likes to open it up fully so that it becomes a big "blanket" to be used as a mat or blanket to be shared with another friend. Very easy to roll up and store it inside the storage bag provided. No complaint about this sleeping bag what so ever. 5 out of 5 stars.

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