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ORRSTAR Big and Tall Sleeping Bag with Flannel Lining

Reviewed by David • December 14, 2023

extra long and spacious for big and tall person

This is such a high quality sleeping bag that is extra long and spacious to accommodate very big and/or tall person. I'm 5'11" tall and almost 200lbs but this sleeping bag was very roomy inside.
The black-and-red checkered flannel inside is not only pretty but it's very soft to touch and provides extra warmth. It makes it cozy and comfortable to sleep surrounded by these flannel liner inside, while the polyester fabric outside prevents wind, water, and moisture from penetrating inside.

I appreciate that it includes a pillow with matching black-and-red checkered flannel material, which is very soft and comfortable on my head. There's also an inside pocket for storing phone or other belonging such as wallet, and drawstring cords at the end of the sleeping bag to keep it rolled up when storing it away. The zippers work smoothly without snag or getting caught and works in both directions. I love that there's a separate zipper on the bottom end of the sleeping bag so that you can just open the bottom up for your feet if you wanted to during the summer for air flow. The entire sleeping bag can be opened up flat to be used as a blanket or sitting areas inside the tent or on grass outdoor.

Finally, I love that the bottom side of the sleeping bag is longer than the top side so that there's a place to put your head even when the sleeping bag is fully zipped up. This kind of small design and thoughts in place makes it a big difference in comfort and usability, which is not common in other sleeping bags. Again, very long and wide sleeping bag that should be able to accommodate any big and/or tall person without any issue. Love it!

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