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OCDAN Cross I Laptop Bed Table

Reviewed by David • June 4, 2022

a MUST-HAVE if you like to work at your bed like me!

It's winter here in NY and very cold outside so I like to stay in my bed and work from bed if possible. It's very difficult to work with a laptop on a bed unless you have a laptop bed table like this one!

This was design and made for people like me, who loves to work at the bed.
It has a 2 separate area, one for the laptop and the other for the mouse or a note pad but it also has a cup holder in case you want to drink your coffee or water while working.

The legs can be folded flat so it's easy to store away when not using and the height can be adjusted at multiple level. The main surface for your laptop can be tilted in various angles, which is much more comfortable to work with when you are sitting on a bed and it has a stopper on the bottom so the laptop does not slide down when tilted. Very well thought out. It also has a slot for your laptop and phone on top of the surface since we all need to have our smart phone around even when working.

It came in a well packaged box with fitted foam for protection and I'm very much enjoying this bed table every day when I don't feel like getting out of the bed but still need to work. I also use it to watch Netflix from my iPad so I don't have to hold them and it's perfectly leveled with my eyes. Highly recommend it!

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