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NutriChef 12inch Large Fry Pan with Golden Titanium coated silicone handle

Reviewed by David • September 5, 2022

amazing amazing versatile fry pan - get it now!

We recently replaced our gas range during kitchen renovation and my wife got rid of few old fry pans and got this one because she LOVES NutriChef cookware by Amazon. She got the 12" size, which seems to be the perfect size for every day use for eggs, omelets and even for meat cooking. This pan just looks amazing with golden titanium coating handle that is ergonomic and comfortable to hold, not to mention it does not get hot. The best thing about this fry pan is that NOTHING STICKS! Everything cooks fast and well, and it just slides out when you tilt the pan, making it easy clean and wash.

Last week, our family went to The Wildwoods for our annual beach vacation for a week and we packed this fry pan because the vacation rental houses either never have enough pans or large enough pan for our needs. We have 3 kids so we need this 12" fry pan to make omelets for our kids for breakfast. One of the problem is that we never know what type of range the vacation rentals might have but it doesn't matter with this pan as it can be used for gas, electric and even induction range! This fry pan came really handy during our 7 night stay at the beach vacation rental for breakfast and dinner as my wife enjoys cooking for our children. We even cooked hot dogs on it and brought them on this pan to the beach!

I always recommend NutriChef cookware to my friends but this fry pan is just above all other pans I've used so far. Love it! I would give 10 stars if I can. Just get it and you won't regret it.

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