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Nexillumi Waterproof 50 ft LED Lights Strips

Reviewed by David • September 30, 2020

almost perfect but still the BEST LED strip light!

This is my 2nd LED strip light I purchased and specifically picked this one because I learned something after purchasing the 1st one and installing it.

This one is different from most other LED strip lights I've seen because only one of the strip lights needs to be connected to the main controller and the remaining strip lights can be daisy chained. Brilliant design!


[+] 50 ft long and strip lights can be daisy chained for easier installation!
[+] Strip lights come with adhesive sticky tape on the back, ready to be peeled and stick!
[+] Also comes with extra double-sided rolls of tape, just in case you need it.
[+] The strip lights are waterproof so it's covered and protected with thin and clear rubber like material. I feel that the strip lights are more durable because of this.
[+] Built-in mic to sync the lights to music works extremely well!
[+] The app for the smartphone has more features, such as scheduling auto on and off time for different days of the week.
[+] Also includes extra connectors, tons of clips with tape on the back, and few straps with tape.


[-] It doesn't have timer function on the remote control but you can schedule it on the app.
[-] No Alexa integration but this is not a deal breaker.


10 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended to anyone looking to get LED strip lights. This would have been the PERFECT strip light if it had a timer function on the remote. I do suggest installing it under and behind the furniture rather than on the wall and ceiling. I think it has cooler light effects, not to mention it's hidden from your room view.

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