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NEWDERY Mobile Game Controller for iPhone

Reviewed by David • December 21, 2022

turn your iPhone into portable game console

This is the best game controller for iPhone that I've seen so far. It has Lightning connector so you can place the iPhone in the middle of the controller with the Lightning connector plugged in and it's plug and play with compatible iPhone games. The user manual has a link to an website that has list of all the iOS games that are compatible with this controller and there are tons of them.

It came inside a shrink wrapped box and the controller was very well packaged and protected inside a fitted foam inside the box. The controller can be extended out to fit different iPhone models and sizes and there's a Lightning port on the right hand side for pass through charging so you can charge your iPhone while playing the game. The analog joysticks on left and right sides are high quality and feels amazing just like those found in PlayStation controller. There are 4 buttons on the right side as well as 2 toggle buttons for your index fingers on both sides, again similar to what you are used to in PlayStation controller.

This type of controller is best for shooting game where one joystick is used for the movement while the another joystick is used for aiming. It's also great for combat games and driving games. Very responsive and works flawlessly. Playing Space Marshalls, FIFA and driving games took the fun to the next level. Highly recommend it.

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