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Neoprene compression sport tank top zipper by TAILONG

Reviewed by David • December 12, 2018

This product review is for Neoprene compression sport tank top zipper by TAILONG.

Earlier this year, I was on a mission to lose weight so I first joined a kickboxing class in April and lost 10 lbs in 2 months. After losing 10 lbs, I felt like I could be motivated to exercise on my own to lose more weight without rejoining the kickboxing class so I bought bunch of weight training gears to exercise and lift weights at home.

I first bought one of those waist trimmer, neoprene sweat belt and I thought it really helped me focus on my core and sweat my stomach area to promote weight loss by removing excess water and burn more calories. So I then thought, why just cover the stomach area when you can cover the entire top with a tank top?

So after doing some research and reading the Amazon reviews, I decided to try this one by TAILONG for three reasons: 1) it has a zipper - so it will be easier to take it off after sweating compared to the ones without a zipper, 2) it has a zipper liner - so that any part of the zipper does not come in contact with your skin, and 3) it has breathable mesh on both sides - so that it can help vent and evaporate any trapped sweats.

The vest works extremely well and it helps you sweat like crazy within minutes of exercising but surprisingly it's very comfortable to your skin and the outside stays dry!

My only two complains about this vest is that 1) it has a plastic zipper that feels flimsy (but it worked without any problem for 6 months so far), and 2) the zipper pull tab is on the left-hand side, which makes it a bit awkward to zip up since men's zipper is supposed to be on the right side, pun intended (well, at least in US). Other than these two minor complains, I love this vest and I'm actually now thinking about buying a full suit workout jacket that also covers entire arms. Bottom line is, you can't go wrong with this vest if you don't mind the two complains I mentioned.

David's Conclusion


  • Very comfortable and helps you sweat like crazy during exercise
  • Zipper liner prevents zipper from touching your skin
  • Outside stays dry


  • The zipper pull tab is on the wrong side (left-hand side)
  • Plastic zipper

My Wishlist

  • Replace plastic zipper with a metal one
  • Place the zipper pull tab on the right side

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Full Disclosure & Final Thoughts

  • I still wear this every day when I'm working out and lifting weights.

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