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NEEKFOX Packable Lightweight Hiking Backpack

Reviewed by David • June 11, 2021

great packable backpack... I just wish it was a bit smaller when packed

I purchased this packable backpack back in 2018 along with G4Free 40L packable backpack on the same order.
I bought these 2 packable backpacks because we had 3 younger children back then and we always ended up having to lug and carry around more than what we went out with by the end of the day because 1) we end up buying stuff for the children, 2) kids end up taking off their jackets and sweatshirts.

These packable backpack came in handy since my wife can carry the collapsed backpack in side her shoulder bag or tote bag and whenever we had more things to carry by the mid-day, we would simply take it out from her should bag, unfold it in seconds, and viola! we have a backpack that can fit and hold everything we need for easy carrying with two shoulder pads.

I think this backpack is pretty good except that I actually like the G4Free 40L packable backpack so much more that I actually never ended up using this backpack. I think I may have used it just once but i never went back to using it after I used G4Free backpack.

This backpack has so many storage pockets with zipper and plenty of space inside the main compartment but it's just not as convenient when collapsed as it's much bigger in size so it won't fit inside a shoulder bag.

The material is also a bit stiffer compared to G4Free so it does take more volume even when packed but G4Freee backpack is very thin yet strong and it can be easily squeezed into any space.

I do think this backpack will be very useful to many people who's looking for packable backpack, especially if you need a bigger backpack but I would actually recommend the G4Free packable backpack based on my 3 years of owning both of them.

As you can see in the video, packing and unpacking this backpack is super easy, simple and quick.

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