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Moving Straps, Adjustable Lifting Straps

Reviewed by David • March 24, 2021

works well but with couple of warnings...

I purchased this lifting straps because I have bad lower back and I wanted to find an easier way to lift and move heavy stuff around the house.


[+] The strap is made of high quality nylon and is very strong. I don't think the strap can ever rip or tear.
[+] Strap is about 4 inches wide, which is wider than other lifting straps I've seen.
[+] Strap length is adjustable, which is nice.
[+] The green handles are very big and comfortable on your hands, making it easier to lift.
[+] This strap allows me to lift heavy stuff with one hand without bending over and hurting my back.
[+] Price is very good


[-] The strap is advertised as 6 feet long end to end but it was actually 5 feet instead. The difference of 12 inches is pretty significant.


4 out of 5 stars because strap was 1 foot shorter than advertised but other than that, I do recommend this strap for moving heavy stuff around the house, especially for things that don't have handles or grips.

Please note that this strap works well only when you can wrap around the object with the green handles touching each other so that you can lift with one hand by holding both green handles. It also works well for narrow objects but doesn't work too well for big boxes or item with wide base as it will be hard balance while lifting.

I would love to see adjustable 12 feet long strap so you can crisscross at the bottom to wrap all four sides of the box for perfect balance lifting.

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