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MOEO Twin Size Loft Bed with Ladder

Reviewed by David • March 1, 2023

I can't recommend this unless you are handy enough to make some changes...

My daughter has a small bedroom and she asked for a loft bed so she can have a nook space under the loft.
I researched many different loft beds and my 2 main concerns were:

1) stability of the loft bed - because many of them don't have enough cross bar/frame that connects one leg to another leg, making it very unstable and wobbly

2) free shipping - because so many listing had $100 to $200 shipping fee, which is ridiculous since this fee won't be refunded if I wanted to return it

I finally found this loft bed, which was perfect since it had free shipping and it was the only loft bed that had not just 1 but 2 cross bars that connected each legs, which should be much more stable than others that just had 1 cross bar (at least that's what I thought)

The box was very heavy when it got delivered and I was pretty impressed with the packaging as it was well packed and protected the content well. However, I was disappointed with the quality of the woods as few of them were damaged and cracked. I thought about returning it for replacement but the weight and the size of the box just made it very difficult to return for exchange so I decided to keep it.

The assembly wasn't too bad as most of the parts had sticker label on them but the slates that came with the loft bed was total disappointment as they were very thin and in bad conditions. My sons have a bunk bed and the slates for their bunk bed is much thicker and in better condition compared to the slates that came with this loft bed. I will probably have to replace them by measuring the length and get new ones from local hardware store.

The biggest disappointment came after the assembly was completed. Even with 2 cross bars between the legs, I couldn't believe how shaky and wobbly the the loft was. They do recommend anchoring the frame to the wall and it does provide such anchor but I really didn't want to put a hole on the wall so we didn't use the wall anchor.

My daughter does love this loft bed because it provides nook space underneath so we decided to keep it but my wife was really concerned how much it shakes so I decided to buy some planks from local hardware to add extra cross bars in "X" between the legs and that made it much more secure and stable.

Would I recommend this loft bed? Probably not, due to the stability issue and quality of the wood. However, if you are willing to replace the slats and add some additional crossbars or anchor it to the wall, then this loft bed is probably a better option than others out there for the price.

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