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Misscase Car Phone Holder Mount for Rearview Mirror

Reviewed by David • September 14, 2022

simply the best way to use your smart phone as GPS in the car

Smart phone is very useful when you are driving because you can use the map app as GPS for direction. I went through several phone holder for my car in the past and I finally found the best phone holder!

My very first phone holder was CD player mount holder, which was very stable but it blocked the CD slot so I had to remove it every time I had to change CD.
I then purchased car dashboard mount phone holder but after using it for few weeks, the sticky pad fell off from the mount while driving a bumpy road.
I then got an air vent mount phone holder, which is what I have right now. It's actually very secure because there's a hook that clamp on to the back of the vent but my only problem is that the holder and the phone blocks the air vent and I can really use that air vent for cold AC during hot summer. When I saw this phone holder that mounts on the rearview mirror, I knew this would be the best phone holder and solve all the problems all together!

I actually installed a rearview backup camera on my car so I have another rearview mirror with LCD screen on top of the original rearview mirror so I basically have 2 rearview mirrors stacked on top of each other. I was worried that this phone holder may not fit but the clamps are adjustable and it was able to fit without any issue. I can also adjust the angle and even length of the holder. The phone holding clamps are very strong yet it can easily open up by pressing the 2 bars on opposite side for easy mount and removal of the phone. I love that it doesn't block any air vents and I can easily see the GPS direction on my phone right below the rearview mirror. It's truly the best solution for the phone holder for any car since all cars have rearview mirror. Highly recommend this if you are looking for the perfect phone mount for your car. Easily 10 out of 5 stars!

I actually ended up buying 3 of these for my 3 cars and I absolutely love it. It's simply the best smartphone holder for the car. There are many vendors that sell this exact same product and if you shop around Amazon, you should be able to find one under $10 when it's on sale.

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