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MINCETA Dining Chairs

Reviewed by David • September 9, 2022

in LOVE with these chairs and entire family approved!

We recently gave a big time face lift to our kitchen, which was first time we did anything to our kitchen after we moved in more than 15 years ago. We replaced all appliances to new stainless steel appliances and also replaced our kitchen table and chairs. The biggest job was painting the kitchen walls and ceiling, as well as painting the kitchen cabinets! Needless to say, it was pretty stressful project but it was all worth it when it was completed. We painted our red cherry wood kitchen cabinets to white and my wife replaced our old wooden, brown kitchen table with black, slate table then initially replaced our wooden chairs with a gray PU leather chairs. When my best friend came over to check out the kitchen renovation, they loved it but thought that the chairs we got was not matching well with our cabinet so they bought this MINCETA chairs for us as a gift and my wife immediately fell in love with them and purchased 2 more chairs on our own so we can have 4 of these chairs and get rid of all other chairs.


Set of 2 chairs came in a box where only thing that needed to be assembled were the legs. I love that seat cushion and the back was already one piece and was packaged inside a bubble wrap in the box. My old chair came with seat cushion and back separately and I had to assemble them to attach it together but this chair came in one piece and just needed to attach the legs.


I love that you don't need any tools to attach the legs. It provides a hex bar and you use it to attach the legs with nuts rather than screws so there's no chance of stripping or damaging by mistake. It's very straight forward to attach the legs and each leg has a felt pad attached to it and they can be raised or lowered by turning it so you an level them perfectly to the floor. Very well designed indeed. The design of the legs happen to match our table legs, which was coincident but I'm not surprised since these are the current trend and more modern design.


The seat cushion appears to be bulging up and feels firm but when you seat on it, it provides good cushion and feels very comfortable. I love the shape of the back and the color brightens up our kitchen. They really do look gorgeous yet provide comfortable seating. Please note that seats are wide and we could not fit both chairs on long side of our kitchen table so we ended up placing each chair on all 4 sides. The width of the chair is about 21" wide so you will need about 42" of space on your kitchen table between the table legs if you want to slide 2 chairs under the table on one side. We still have young kids who often spill food on the chair but they come off easily by simply wiping with soft wet clothes or paper towels.


Easily 10 out of 5 stars. This is one of the best furniture we ever purchased from Amazon. The price was great and was worth every penny. If I had a bigger dining table, I would definitely purchase more of these chairs. My wife loved these chairs so much that she wanted to share how great they are in her own words for the first time. You will not regret it. Get these chairs before they are gone.

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