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Mikasa Melody Champange Flute

Reviewed by David • March 27, 2021

great glasses but there's high risk of getting broken one or two...

When I received the package, I immediately noticed things moving around inside the box.
I was hoping that the inside packaging is good enough to protect the glasses but I was disappointed to fine one of the glasses chipped on the bottom of the base...
They should have used a fitted foam or more tighter cardboard box packaging so that they don't shift around.

I got this as FREE from Vine Program so there's nothing I can do about the broken one but I am very happy with the remaining 3 glasses.
The champagne flute glasses are beautiful and fancy. I also love the MIKASA brand emboss on the bottom of the base but again, I'm sad that I will only have 3 glasses.

Still giving 3 out of 5 stars because the quality of the glasses and the design is awesome. They just need to do better packaging so that they will all arrive without any damage.
So don't be surprised if you also get one or two broken glasses. You've been warned.

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