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Mid Century Modern Grooved Handle Wood Nightstand

Reviewed by David • October 23, 2022

amazing in both looks and quality + must read tip on assembly

We have dark cherry wood color bed frame and matching night stands but my wife wanted to replace these with new and more modern one in white color so we first got the night stands and we are in love with them.
These are made of engineer wood rather than compressed wood or MDF, which are much cheaper and low in quality. Engineer wood are basically thin woods that have been glued together to make them stronger. It's cheaper than one piece wood but just as strong and durable. The 4 legs are solid woods by the way.

I was impressed with packaging as they were really well packaged with enough protection. The box is very heavy since these are all wood after all. It does require assembly that will take some time and while it comes with color pictured assembly instruction, I suggest that you DO NOT follow those instructions because you will end up taking them apart due to error in the steps. The instruction sheet does come with QR code that you can scan, which will take you to the assembly video and my recommendation is to watch and follow that assembly video. The video is very small so you will also need to reference the assembly instruction sheet to get some help. I only wish all the parts had numbers or stickers so it's easier to identify the pieces for each of the steps.

Once you are done with the assembly, I'm sure you will fall in love with it as we did. It's such a modern and clean, simple, and elegant looking night stand. We love that there's no handle sticking out and the legs are very pretty too. The 2 drawers are big enough to store many things and it glides out easily. We thought the price was amazing and we would love to get a matching bed frame if they have one. We were happy to get rid of our old night stands and welcome this one in our master bedroom. Gorgeous! You won't regret it. Hope this helps.

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